Frequently Asked Questions

Q and A

Q: How long should I use the massager?

 A: Use will vary per person. Start by using your massager for 5 minutes and increase use as needed. 

Q: Why does my skin itch sometimes when using my mymassager?

A: Massage increases blood flow to the area being stimulated which can cause itching, especially in individuals with poor circulation. If itching occurs, you may place your massager in another area.

Q: My family lives overseas. Will the Massagers work in other countries?

A: The massagers come in both 110V and 220V.  Be sure and request the proper voltage when placing your order.

Q: I sometimes feel warm when using the massager, is the pad heated?

A: No. None of the massagers generate heat. That feeling is due to increased blood circulation to the area.

Q: I have not seen or heard of these massagers until now. Why?

A: The Medi-Rub® Corporation was founded in 1976. Being a desired product, it was directly available for health practitioners and professionals alike. Due to high demand, Medi-Rub® now offers their top-of-the-line massagers to everyone!

Q: After some searching, I have found massagers that look similar to this brand. What is the difference?

A: Medi-Rub® Massagers are patented for their unique motor and design. Nothing compares to the benefits and feeling received when using our massages.

Just like any desired product on the market, you will always find a company who tries to piggy-back on the market leader's design and success. Be sure to check labels and names before purchasing a massager. Other brands are typically low quality and made outside of the US. They fail to offer the same benefits and customer satisfaction as Medi-Rub® has for more than 40 years! 

The Medi-Rub® Corporation have been manufacturing medical grade massagers in San Clemente CA since 1976. (That's over 40 years!) A lifetime warranty option is available to ensure longing satisfaction and use.

Remember... If it doesn't say "Medi-Rub®" it isn't!

Q: I have a large family, can the massagers overheat if used too much?

A: Never! The massagers are for commercial use and we recommended it to be used daily. A lifetime warranty is available to ensure peace of mind.

Q: How do I clean my massager?

A: Easy! Simply use a non-bleach wipe or cleaner as needed.

Q: What is the bar on the foot massager used for?

A: That is the Plantar Fasciitis Bar and it has a variety of uses. Perfect for those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis for direct stimulation and relief on the tendons and arches.