Relief Like No Other!

     Best gift for my family      I am skeptical to everything....especially when it comes to helping my  horrible neuropathy and back pain. Between my many years of truck  driving and working my body to its limit, I have tried many things to  help my pain. Doctors won't touch me and I can't stand taking pain meds  over and over. My wife and I managed to see the pro massager at an eve

nt  in Orlando. My wife loves stopping at every booth to see whats new. As  we approached the medi-vibe booth, I saw their banner stating the  benefits they can offer. (This is when my skeptic alarm went off) We  walked to the booth and asked how it helps neuropathy. The gentleman  told me to sit down and so I did.  

The moment I put my feet on  the foot massager I felt as if my body were melting. I never have felt  such relief so fast. When the gentleman explained the technology it made  perfect sense. After a few minutes of chatter, I got up and walked  around some more. I had ZERO I mean ZERO pain in my feet and legs (I'm a  big guy too) I literally tried everything and this massager just made  my pain go away in a few minutes. We ran back to their location to ask  the price which I thought would be over $1000. I can proudly say I  walked away with both massagers in hand. The foot massager and the body  massager.  

Fast forward a few months now. My wife loves the  body massager for her shoulders and neck (many years as a nurse) and we  use both while relaxing in the living room watching TV. I have ordered 2  more sets since I purchased mine. A set for my son and a set for my  sister.

Trust me, I have tried it all and spent thousands of  dollars trying to get relief....this is an amazing price a life saving  product!

I never saw a place to leave a review so I hope my story reaches many people in need! Thank you!

Jason C.

Best Massage!!! I have been using my foot massager for a few months now. I bought it  for my diabetic nerve pain and plantar fasciitis relief. So far, I use  it in the morning for 10 minutes and a few minutes before bed. This  massager changed my life and I am no longer taking pain medication. I  recommend everyone at least try it and see for themselves. BEST SMALL I


Jennifer C.

A few years ago, after a day spent walking  all around the California State Fair, I purchased a MEDI-RUB Massager  2000plus. It only took the one demonstration on my tired, shod feet and I  was hooked! :) I was employed as an Elementary School Music Teacher  thus, I was on my feet all day...dancing, singing and playing  instruments with the children. So, I took my MEDI-RUB to work and put it  under my desk for quick in-between class/lunch-break foot-massage  pick-me-ups! The MEDI-RUB massager not only revived my aching feet  but--as an added bonus--I also felt rejuvenated and ready to teach the  next class. Also, Diabetes runs in our family--my dad had it. So, I even  though I had good blood sugars, I wanted it for the Neuropathy I was  already developing as a pre-diabetic. Now, I also suffer from ADHD and  the hyper-activity part of that most often manifests at night with  restless leg calves are the worst. I can usually take care  of the problem by doing simple stretching exercises. I am always happy  to find non-medicinal cures for what ails me. :) However, sometimes,  when they are REALLY bad (drive-me-crazy-twitchy-bad), I use my MEDI-RUB  Massager 2000+ to reset the circuitry in my legs. It works like a  charm. Finally, the triangle shape is very versatile. I can use it on  the floor as a foot massager or, set it in a chair for a back massage  or, if I flip it (or turn it) so the rubber feet are against the couch,  and the on/off switch is near the floor, I can use the face to massage  my calves while sitting and relaxing in comfort. Now, the manufacturer  may not recommend this however, I've found that the MEDI-RUB is pretty  durable. :) THANK YOU for making such a great product! JL Grogan
JL Grogan

"I  use to go to the Chiropractor about once every two weeks and he used a  Medi-Rub on my sciatic nerve to give me relief. I purchased my Medi-Rub  and asked the Doctor if my wife could see what he did to me with the  vibrator, and he said yes. She came to the doctors with me twice and  witnessed exactly what the doctor did for me. That was 4 years ago and I  have not returned to the Chiropractor since. Thanks to the Medi-Rub!"
John Hauser Spring Hill, FL

Dearest  Rose, Bernie & others, I wanted to express my gratitude for your  efficient repair service over the years! I can't tell you how nice it  has been to do business with you, now days especially integrity is  something our society is lacking in. I purchased my foot massager &  hand massager years back at California State Fair. We Love them and have  been pleased with them. Thanks Again!
Cynthia Plaza, CA

I'd  like to thank you for introducing my wife and I to your wonderful  products. We purchased both the foot and the body massager and have been  using them for nearly a year.My wife has neuropathy in both feet and  the foot massager works wonders after a long day on your feet. She is  also recovering from knee surgery as well as having scar tissue on her  thigh that remains from a broken femor two years ago. All this came from  a bout with Lymphoma and the subsequent chemo and radiation therapy.  Every night I give her a full body massage and I can't begin to tell you  how it has helped her deal with all the aches and pains. "I think she's  just spoiled". She is a strong person and never sits still and her  active lifestyle would certainly be curtailed if it were not for the  relief she gets from your wonderful machines. We highly recommend both.  They soothe muscles you never thought you had.
Fred Spages

It is a pleasure and honor to represent Medi-Rub. God Bless you. We love you!
Mary & Joe Turner-Home Healthcare and Comfort Inc

Made  in the USA, Wonderful!-I actually own the Medirub and it's great! Next  purchase will be the foot massager. I cannot stress just how IMPORTANT  the Medirub works on the body. Have your partner lay down, face down and  use this device for 20-25 minutes over entire body and you'll feel so  AMAZING afterwords. Many health benefits plus saves you money on spa  treatments. My partner and I absolutely love this massager.
John Bam Bam Morgan

I  am a pharmacist and stand on my feet all day long. The Medi-Rub foot  massager is a permanent fixture in our pharmacy and loved by our entire  staff. Everybody should have one.
Scott Jacobson, Pharmacist, San Clemente, CA

“My Medi-Rub body massager has made a tremendous  difference in controlling my fibromyalgia pain. I started using it 3  times a day at first as it was the only way to avoid the pain. I  noticed that I stopped feeling stiffness in my joints and could sleep  longer and deeper than before. Manual massage did not work as well as my  Medi-Rub. Little by little, I realized I only needed to use it once a  day or at the first sign of stiffness. I'm so thankful for this natural  way to relieve my fibromyalgia pain.”
Brenda Western, Fontana, CA

"Medi-Rub has the best massagers on the market!  In my line of work (Dancing with The Stars and CSI:NY) there is a lot  of physical stress that comes with keeping in shape and the mental  stress, which tears your body down as well! So, it is great to be able  to come home after a long work day and have this massager to help ease  the pain and stress of the day. Great job Medi-Rub! and Thank you for  making these products available to the public!"
Joey Lawrence (CSI:NY, Dancing With The Stars)

"I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia in addition to Endometriosis.  I would experience flare-ups that would send me to the couch in  exhaustion and pain. I had not found any device or method of massage  that really made a difference... until The Medi-Rub. Suffice it to say,  we have been extremely pleased with Medi-Rub. And until now, I regret I  have not shared my experience with you. It is literally a miracle. The intense knife like pain was gone!!! Nothing, not even high doses of pain meds had ever relieved this intense pain."
Patricia, Sacramento, CA

"I  gave the foot massager from the Oscar event to my mother who loves it.  She wanted to let you know that it is very helpful in relieving the pain  in her feet. Your firm has a wonderful product. Thank you."
George Clooney

"I can't imagine life without Medi-Rub Massagers. The way you feel after using them is AMAZING. The best thing I ever spent my money on. When family comes over they want to know where the massagers are. Love the products!"
Jules Kirschman

This  has been my favorite massage therapy device for over ten years. My Dad  is an Ironman Triathalete and purchased one ten years ago that is still  going strong. I found myself always dropping by or driving specifically  out to use it and one day it dawned on me to just purchase my own. If  you are in chronic pain, have fibromyalgia, diabetes,  or are a “Weekend Warrior” like me thinking you can ride some gnarly  single track on your mountain bike, you will definitely fall in love  with the Medirub Massager too. The massager is SO powerful you can feel  your skin itching within minutes….a great sign that you have increased  circulation as red blood cells are forced towards the surface of the  skin. I do a lot of hands on body work with my patients and I find that  by recommending the very powerful Medi-rub massager between appointments  addressing chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, and so forth it drastically  reduces the need for office visits.
Dr. Nicole Sundene, Scottsdale, AZ

"We  purchased your Medi-Rub Body Massager at the PGA Merchandise Show and  fell in love with it. It performed miracles in relieving sore muscles  & routine aches and pains. Unfortunately, on August 29, 2005, we got  swept under by Hurricane Katrina  and nearly lost our lives when 7 feet of water from the storm surge  plowed into our home. In the days and weeks after the storm, while we  were picking through the debris to salvage what little we had left, we  came across our beloved body massager, waterlogged and slimy from the  salt water & sewage mix. We couldn't believe it, but it still  worked, even after spending 12 hours submerged under SALT WATER!  Unfortunately, the motor makes a loud noise, but even so, it is still a testimony of the quality of your product to withstand such brutal conditions."
Dave Stritzel, Pass Christian, MS

"I  cannot adequately express how much I'm enjoying my Medi-Rub Body  Massager and the difference it has made in my ability to simply relax  the tension in my body. As you know, I travel a great deal, and most of  my work has a high level of stress. Both your foot and body massagers  have been an enormous benefit in simply being able to let go of the  tension. Another benefit has been the elimination of muscle and headache pain medication. Thank you so much, Ernie Hudson"
Ernie Hudson (Desperate Housewives, Ghostbusters)

"I  love your product, I use it almost daily. I have it sitting in my front  room and guest seeing it always ask, "What is that?". I always say,  "rather than tell you, just try it." Frankly, it is the only product  that I ever suggest to anyone to try. The very moment they turn it on  you can see an expression on their face that says, "WOW." And just like  that they are converted without a single word, or sales pitch. To try is to buy it....
Dennis Conforto

"I absolutely love your product! I purchased your body massager last year and I love it! I have severely degenerated discs  in my back and neck and this product is a life saver to me! When my  back and neck are extremely sore, I can use this for five or ten minutes  and get amazing relief. This gives me more relief than taking painkillers.  I said that it was worth the price of our plane ticket, hotel room, and  entry fee to the convention just to find this product!! It is priceless  to me!"
Kim Trussell, North Canton, OH

"My wife has suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome  for the past 15 years, which causes her loss of sleep. After using the  Medi-Rub massager that day, she fell asleep and slept without  interruption, no restless symdrome. She attributes this restful night  solely to the Medi Rub Foot Massager. My wife's doctor had placed her on  sleeping medication. However, she did not need this medication. Let me  say this, if you wanted an excellent testimonial, she can sure give one,  especially with her long history of restess leg syndrome!"
Neal Carter, Plano, TX

"My  migraines can put me out of commission for 3-4 days. After using the  Medi-Rub body massager on the back of my neck and shoulders the migraine pain subsided and I felt the tension go away. Medication does not even work as well or as fast!"
Vickie Waugh, Las Vegas, NV

"This is an excellent product for blood circulation. Very relaxing and comfortable."
Melvyn Dossover, MD, Diabetes Mgt, New Orleans

"Medi-Rub massagers are wonderful but they just don't last...The first one I bought , I showed to my hairdresser..GONE! I came to the SCI show the next year and bought a second one and showed it to my niece, a dance major..GONE! The next year, I bought a THIRD one and showed it a friend at work and HE wanted it. TOO BAD! Year four, I bought him one- I'm KEEPING mine!"
Charles L. Jones, GA

"Everybody  should use this for their feet. Just a few minutes made a huge  difference in how good my feet feel. We recommend it highly."
Lidia Koeva, MD, Dph,DSc, Prof. Diabetes/Endocrin.

"Wow! Don't turn it off! Great for peripheral neuropathy"
Andrew J. Karter, Ph.D, Epidemiologist

"My feet feel SOOOO Great! Thank you Medi-Rub!"
Richard Karn (Al Borland of Home Improvement)

"I am very impressed by the foot massager. This is an excellent product.Very comfortable."
Simin Liu, MD, ScD Asst. Prof. of Med., Harvard

"It's just great! A great benefit. I'm very impressed"
Jin-Xiong She, Ph.D,Prof.,Genomic Medicine

To  Blue Shield of California-HMO Member Services Department. Dear Sir: I  request reconsideration for the enclosed claim. We feel that the  benefits received from using the Medi-Rub massager would certainly save  future claims. This patient has been treated previously for severe leg  problems when walking. The patient had three heart by-pass surgeries  and has been informed by Dr. Pearl (Williston, ND) he only has one vein  left which can be used for leg surgery and this will be delayed for as  long as possible. The Medi Rub has not only improved the legs so he is able to walk without severe pains, but has also eliminated the sleep apnea  he was having. I truly believe this claim will save many further,  costlier claims. Hoping to hear favorably from you, I remain,  Sincerely,"
Dorie J. Bear, Belfield, ND

I  am a restaurant owner and I am on my feet all day. The foot massager  relieves my aching muscles and tired feet]. Just a few minutes every  night lets me enjoy a good night’s sleep. My wife loves the foot  massager too after a long day of mall shopping! I would recommend this  massager to everyone. Wonderful product!
Nik Doda, Casanova Restaurant, Dana Point, CA

"This is a great massager for the feet. Everybody should use this. It's the best I've seen."
Dr. Arif Riyaz, Professor of Diabetes, Anwar Riyaz

"The MR-3F foot massager got here very quickly. Absolutely super service,  thank you all. It works every bit as well as expected. So well, in  fact, that we'd like to have you send one of the same units to our  daughter. She is employed in retail sales (Nordstrom) and we expect that  the massager will make days end somewhat more pleasantly for her."
William L. Russell

"I bought mine at AOPA in Las Vegas. My whole family loves it, especially my son the athlete.  It runs as good as the day we got it. Highly recommend it."
Henry Richter, Shreveport, LA

"A friend recommended the Medi-Rub Foot massager for numbness in my legs and feet as a result of diabetes.  I used the so called "fix it" devices before. I was very impressed with  the Medi Rub massager and I am pleased. Using the massager three times a  day, for twenty minutes each time, has restored some feeling and a  healthy pink color in my right leg which is in the worse condition. I  plan to continue using Medi-Rub and would be happy to give future  results."
James A. and Judith Ann McMillion, Las Vegas, NV

"I have five different massagers but   it wasn’t until I tried the Medi-Rub Foot and Body massagers that I  finally got relief from the stress in my neck, lower back and  extremities." It was awesome! Not only do I have them and love them, patients in our clinic have ordered them too.
Rochelle Blanchette

"I love your massaging products and what they do for my foot, leg and neck problems. Thanks!"
Gordon L. Redd Sr., Gulfport, MS

"The best and most flexible massager that I've ever come across"
Amanda Hudson, McEwen, TN

"During the Real Estate Convention, I stopped by your booth and tried the Medi-Rub massagers. I suffer from chronic back pain constantly, since I have two very bad discs in my lower back. After the demonstration (which took less then five minutes) my pain was gone  and I remained comfortable for the rest of the day. Two days later, I  returned to buy your equipment and got another demonstration. Upon my  return home, getting on and off the flights in two airports, I had no  pain and did not need to take anything for pain."
Jim Rogers, Laurie, MO

"My  mother is 84 years old and has had five lower extremity surgeries to  help her circulation. We were advised to consider amputation of the  foot. Then we saw your Medi-Rub Foot Massager! After spending 20 minutes  every day on this machine, my mother can walk again with her walker.  We wanted to let you know just how great your machines are and how  wonderful your SERVICE is. Your product deserves a big "THANK YOU" AND  FREE ADVERTISEMENT. There must be others out there like my mother who  need to know about you and your products."
Carmen Kahn, Castro Valley, CA

"I  am a proud owner of your products, I have 3 foot massagers and two of  your body massagers. I am very pleased with the results. I have sugar  diabetes and had a hard time walking. I no longer need to take the water pills  and my feet went down from size 13 1/2 tennis shoe to size 12, and they  are getting smaller. Everyone I know I tell about your products, even  my doctors. God bless you and this wonderful product."
Joe Moreno, Las Vegas, NV

"I  just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I have been  with my Medi-Rub foot massager. I have had it almost a year and I feel  as if I have been given back my feet.  I was almost crippled before my Chiropractor introduced me to your  massager. My husband has bad knees and the massager gives him some  relief after long walks. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I  tell many of my friends at the gym that they need to see this. I got a  chuckle because I also saw one at the car wash we go to and I applauded  them for having one for their employees.Thank you."
Karen Reed

"It  is great to see a company that responds as quickly as you did. I will  definitely refer all my friends to Medi-Rub massagers. I think it is a  fantastic product"
Kermit Prather

"The best I've seen, highly recommend it"
Richard McGeary, Exec.V P, Delphi Health Systems

"Excellent product"
Andrzej Bauman, President, Polish Diabetes Assoc.

"My husband is an insulin dependant diabetic with neuropathy in both feet.  The endocrinologist was so pleased with the improvement in his  circulation, after using the Medi-Rub Foot massager that he dubbed him  his "gold star" patient. The  massager deserves FULL CREDIT since he has a war injury which prevents  him from experiencing normal exercising. Thank You!"
Irene M. Rees

"I am a dermatologist who frequently prescribes foot massagers to my patients to treat stasis dermatitis  and other conditions. I saw and tried your Medi-Rub Foot Massager and  was quite impresed. I do not sell products from my office, however, I  would like to refer patients to you to purchase the Medi-Rub Massager."
Harrison R. McDonald, MD

"My husband is 56 years old. He is a former Police Officer and is plagued with old injuries.  There is no doubt that the Medi-Rub gets him through 8 to 10 hours work  days and helps him sleep at night. We truly appreciate the quality,  reliability and comfort your product has provided."
Patricia Cowell, Diamond Springs, CA."We have a foot massager in our waiting room and now the patients don’t want to go back to the exam room."
Dr. Derek Anders, Reno, NV

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. Dear Ms. Holly, On behalf of BG Gilman, I would like to thank you for your generosity. Thank you for the foot massagers distributed to the recovering wounded warriors  and their families. This was a wonderful gesture for the troops who  have served our country so unselfishly. Your gift allowed those troops  to remember that their sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. It's great to  know that these heroes are appreciated by all while coping with their  recovery. These service members and their families deserve special  recognition for their bravery and dedication to their country. This let  them know that their hard work and diligence are truly appreciated and  always in your prayers. My personal thanks and appreciation to all that  made this possible.
Jennifer M. Cradier, Major, Medical Service HQ

"I just finished a visit to my chiropractor and even after an adjustment I still had numb feet.  I work out regularly and still my feet are numb. Well, 15 minutes after  trying out the Medi Rub Massager I have the happiest feet in weeks. I  just ordered my own massager. I own other massagers, but they do not  even give me the relief I have now. I thank my chiropractor for  introducing me to this massager"
Karen Reed

"I  purchased the Medi-Rub 2000 Plus last year. It is an amazing product  and I decided that I should tell you how much I like it. I am the U.S.  Marketing Director for my company and I know how important feedback is  to any business. I do 17 to 20 trade shows each year and I keep the foot  massager packed with my trade show booth. It just travels from city to  city and gets unpacked and used at every show. The attendees love it, your product is a life saver  for them. It makes lots of people stop by and look at my products just  so they can take advantage of the foot massager. The exhibitors just  love me. It makes me a very popular person at all the shows! I want one  for my home use since there are many days when I lament the fact that  mine is traveling somewhere between 2 cities and not in my living room!  Thanks for a wonderful product. Linda Krabill, Marketing Director, BLP  Bronze International"
Linda Krabill, Marketing Director

"After ankle reconstruction, I had tremendous nerve pain.  Using the Medi-Rub Massagers reduced the pain dramatically!"
Robert Coffey, Minnetonka, MN

"We are very impressed with the Medi-Rub foot massagers"
UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA

"Thank you for your kindness. Dr. Kim and I were very surprised with your good service."
Frank Abedini, Pain/Arthritus, Good Heart Med. Ctr

"I am prescribing a Medi-Rub Foot Massager to my patients. It provides great benefits Israel P. Chambi, MD, FACS Diplomate, American Board of Neurological and Peripheral Nerve Surgery"
Israel P. Chambi, MD

"My  husband is 56 years old. He is a former Police Officer and is plagued  with old injuries. There is no doubt that the Medi-Rub gets him through 8  to 10 hours work days and helps him sleep at night. We truly appreciate  the your product has provided. Yours sincerely, Patricia Cowell,  Diamond Springs, CA"
Patricia Cowell, Diamond Springs, CA

"I practice as a family practitioner in a rural health clinic and feel that these products are valuable as an aide to circulation in my diabetic, arthritic, and peripheral vascular disease patients."
Margaret Lesher, MS. FNP-C, ARNP

For the past ten years, I have relied on my Medi-Rub Body Massager. I have herniated discs and have undergone surgery twice. Without the relief Medi-Rub gives me, I couldn't get out of bed everyday.
John D., AZ

"Thanks  a lot for the prompt and courteous service you gave me on my Medi-Rub  foot massager. Refreshing to find someone who stands behind their  product as you have. I love your massaging products and what they do for  my foot, leg and neck problem. Thanks, Gordon L. Redd, Sr, Gulfport,  MS"
Gordon L. Redd, Sr., Gulfport, MS

"I am convinced of the value of the Medi-Rub Massager."
Dr. H.S. Sandhu, Diabetes Specialist

"Medi-Rub Massager Corporation has been highly recommended to me as a firm with an excellent reputation and one that prides itself on maintaining a line of quality products."
Kitala Ann Newton, Louisville, KY

"Dear  Yolanda, In today's business climate it is so rare to find companies  that demonstrate by action, not words, about caring about customer  satisfaction. I was very impressed when you (the president) took time  from a busy schedule to call me personally about my comments in my email  about your products. I am convinced beyond a doubt that Medi-Rub is not only a quality product, but a quality company as well.  Both products have made a major impact on the quality of how long I can  walk as I stated in my first writing to you. I really appreciate the  quality of your products as well as the professional sales staff that  demos and sells them. Thank you again.
Louie Stowel

"In my previous career I sold durable medical equipment. Our main product for circulation cost nearly $5000. I think Medi-Rub is an exceptional value!"
Art Thompson, Panama City Beach, FL

"I am dependant on this massager due to severe foot pain. It's been a God send."
Sandy Lane, Tucson, AZ

"I am a diabetic with neuropathy in both my legs  . My son gave me the Medi-Rub massager hoping it would help me. It's  just wonderful on those cold, dead feet of mine & I use it every  night. I would gladly tell any diabetic, or anyone else, to purchase one  and use it. Everyone should have one."
Doris R. Rome, Oakridge, TN

"Everyone, Thank you for working so hard on the massagers. Truly they are a Godsend and miracles for all who need them. God Bless your creations. Sincerely, Marge More, Riverdale, IL"
Marge More, Riverdale, IL

"I  can't thank you enough for returning my foot massager. I never expected  such a fabulous solution to my problem! I will be sending as much  business your way as I can. You have made me a very satisfied customer!  Thank you.
Sebrina White, Las Vegas, NV

"This has been great in our shoe stores. Customer don’t mind waiting while they’re getting a massage!"
B. Wood

"We have two massagers in our waiting room.  Our patients love them!"
Dr. Lind, Caylor Nickel Clinic, Bluffton, IN

"After a long day of shooting, nothing releases the tension in my body like ten minutes with my Medi-Rub. It revives me for another day in the field."
Eric Katzenberg, Legion Productions